Do you think I will ever be good on Youtube?

Answer Okay let's start with the good and then talk about what you might want to changeFirst your video quality and sound is well done which is a lot better then the majority of gaming videos out there. S... Read More »

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Do you think youtube will ever roll back to the good old days, the old format?

unfortunately No, youtube has gone down hill since google took over. The ****** up everything.thanks google!

Do you think a mac will ever beat a pc?

Mac's are about the same as far as ive seen, depending on what operating system and other soft/hard wares that are on it the systems are going to run differently but macs are definatly more stylish... Read More »

Do you think i will ever get taller?

I have the same problem as you. Get a lot of sleep and drink a lot of milk. Also sit up straight

Do you think the NHS will ever do laser eye surgery?

Probably not when vision can be dealt with using glasses, it'd be great if they did though.