Should I Join the Navy or Marines?

Answer High school graduation parties are a time for fun and memories. Age-appropriate games during a graduation party entertain the guests and often help to create lasting memories of the occasion. There... Read More »

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Why one should join Indian navy?

Pretty much any rate where you're assigned to a shore installation. Sailors at sea have little time to study for college, though it's a lot easier today than it used to be. For example, Photograph... Read More »

Should I Join the Navy Seals?

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Should you join the navy or army?

The Navy and Army have different aspects, appealing to different people. The job you desire should serve as a major deciding factor in how the U.S Military Service will utilize you. If you join any... Read More »

Should you join the navy seals or marines?

I am not very high on information marines but i sugest that the navy S.E.A.L.S have less chances of passing away than marines since there training might be more tougher than the marines this is com... Read More »