Do you think I should go into the modeling business?

Answer I think you should do it, however if you feel too much pressure while you are modeling to be skinnier you should consider quitting. I know two models, both are drug addicts. I think if you model fo... Read More »

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How hard is it to get into the modeling business?

For every one person that gets into the modeling business there are 1,000 that try and don't make it. Of those who get in, less than 1% earn enough money to make a living at it. The modeling indu... Read More »

Business Modeling Tools?

In business, it is often difficult to predict the outcomes of decisions because there are too many variables to account for. Modeling is a method that allows businesses to simulate market situation... Read More »

Do you think i could do any type of modeling?

awh. i think you are very pretty!the modeling world can def. be tough but hey, give it a tryhonestly i think you could succeed

How to Get Into the Modeling Industry?

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