Do you think I should eat this?

Answer You should eat it. You were probably given it by a fairy so it will give you super powers and you can fight evil.

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Do you think this should be enough?

It depends on when you are going to go. Airline tickets generally increase in price the closer you get to the travel date. So if you are booking it on August 2nd, but going on August 3rd that may... Read More »

I think that you should all be aware of this?

I'm so glad you're alright. this story reminded me of my brother. After a hurricane, a long time ago, my dad told my brother to cut up the tree. He used an axe. There were no chain saws back th... Read More »

Do you think i should get my lip pierced like this (pictures)?

yah cute the way yah are but i like 2nd choice

Do you think my insurance company should cover this?

I wish some people that answered questions would shut up if they've got no clue. Damages caused by your own negligence are covered all the time - look at grease fires. That has nothing to do with... Read More »