Do you think I should do a truth is on facebook?

Answer Just say nice things about everyone and they will like it.Don't brag about yourself.

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What is the "truth is" thing on Facebook?

The Truth About McDonald's (Warning: VERY disturbing) Facebook fanpage; What is it?

I saw that, it's all this crap about McDonalds feeding their chickens all sorts of **** and keeping them in the dark and im like they buy their chicken from Tyson! It's a bunch of bullshit don't wo... Read More »

If truth is beauty, and beauty is truth, why do women wear make-up?

Your question relies on the initial clause being correct. It isn't. They're apples and oranges.Adequate attempt at being clever. Don't give up and you'll figure it out someday. Good day sir.

Am i fat tell the truth?

no but i would also need a picture cause you can never tell with just numbers.