What do you think of my beat?

Answer It's the beginnings of a great tune which you could take in many directions. As it is now it could easily be library music. I would suggest you find yourself a decent MC and turn it into a song. Yo... Read More »

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Do you think a mac will ever beat a pc?

Mac's are about the same as far as ive seen, depending on what operating system and other soft/hard wares that are on it the systems are going to run differently but macs are definatly more stylish... Read More »

I think my heart skipped a beat, litterly?

It could be normal, it most likely is, but it could be something a bit more serious.Generally these things are called premature ventricular contractions (PVC). They are generally benign (if your he... Read More »

Do you think Yahoo! will ever beat GOOGLE in its searching technologies?

Who do you think be in the final of big brother 9 UK i think it should be Kat Darnell Rex Mohammed Rachel?

You mean the series finale. I think anyone who doesn't drink, smoke or swear.