Do you think I need stitches?

Answer I say yes. Go see your doctor asap. But depends on when you got the cut. Best time to get stitches is the hour it happened.

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I got a serious papercut... I think I saw some blood. How many stitches will I need, and will I get an IV?

Ohhh lucky you! I bet you can get one of those neato morphine drips. It'd be like you were on Jeopardy!"What is MORPHINE!"

How deep or big does a cut need to be to need stitches?

In general, a full-thickness cut through all the layers of the skin that is at least one cm in length. A shallow or tangential cut (at an angle) may or may not be sutured. That's because a very sh... Read More »

Do I need stitches!?

If it has been bleeding for that long and you can't get it to stop there are only three things you can do1) go to the doctorthat could be expensive2) get someone to sew it up with needle and thread... Read More »

Do i need stitches ......?

The rule of thumb is that if the wound is deeper than 1/4 inch, it needs stitches. It doesn't matter how long it is.