Do you think I have TMJ?

Answer Could just be occasional jaw pain, or sometimes if you work your jaw way too much (going to denst/orthodontist/chewing gum for hours) will make your jaw hurt like that. A LOT of people get TMJ symp... Read More »

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I think I have figured it out! Do you think that men want to control the TV remote because of its...?

I think your theory would hold water if remotes were breast shaped.

I am pregnant but I have a problem because I think I got that way at an orgy. Do you think I could take?

It may well be that some of the other participants are experiencing the very same problem of mis-attributed conception. So all you have to do is wait until you've all given birth, and have a look t... Read More »

Do you think i have diabetesor think i should get tested?

You should be tested. You seem to know the symptoms. But the same symptoms could be something else too. You cant always tell you have diabetes by the symptoms. If you are dehydrated, you would be t... Read More »

I think David Archuleta should have won!!!! who do u think should have?

why is the fact that he's young a reason that he should have won? he's a good singer, but not a performer. david cook deserved the win!