Do you think I could do my ear with my back beanus?

Answer Only if you were a hoot owl.

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What is a beanus breaker?

Please capitalize Beanus Breakers from now on. Also, we are continually growing, so please pluralize it, as well.Beanus Breakers in a Yahoo! musical phenomenon that made it big with our debut hit ... Read More »

Flailing beanus syndrome?

Byron, you are such a hot ticket! You could never have this..don't worry. I'm sure your beanus never fails..I mean flails.

Did The Beanus Breakers dis-band?

Well we have not had a hit in a long time. We lost some of our members (F*ktard and Pleasant Peasant) then Hearts808 (our agent) went she's back. But I dunno...we need a few new members a... Read More »

Since it's my birthday, where are the Beanus Breakers?