Do you think I could do my ear with my back beanus?

Answer Only if you were a hoot owl.

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My front tooth fell out, do you think I could get away with painting a sweetcorn with tippex?

lol-thank you for making me laugh today!!! xx

Having 2nd lost entire mucus plug late last nite at 38 weeks induced with 1st bad back pain irregular contractions with this one could it be labor?

Answer If not, you're missing a really good chance. What you describe sure sounds like the stars are in alignment and the baby is ready. Good luck and I hope you and the baby (ies?) do well.

Do you remember back in the day when we could tan with baby oil on our skin...just frying it....♥?

we used to oil up with baby oil, and also some sort of cocoa butter stuff which i can't remember the name of. some sort of coconutty smelling stuff.... i don't have any lasting effects from it, i'm... Read More »

The eye in the back of my head isn't working propertly, what could be wrong with it?

you dont need to cut itit is the darkness of your hairyou need to part your hair in the middlebraid the right one clockwiseand the left one counterclockwisethen you stand facing the mirror and ment... Read More »