Do you think I can recover?

Answer I am praying you will! Think "Positive"!!! :D

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Will the pictures I recover from my corrupted CF card still appear when I recover them for the second time?

It depends on the usage of the card. If it is used a lot and also formatted 2 or more times after the first recovery then it is not possible to get that photos back

Is there any way I could recover this?

Maybe, try recovering your phone through itunes. Thats only if you had previously backed up your iphone. If not then i dont think theres another way. Sorry

How to Recover from a Nap?

After taking a nap, you may feel groggy, disoriented, and gross. This will help cure that post-nap grossness.

How to Recover a CD R?

CD-Rs are one of the easiest pieces of media to scratch or damage. Most of the time, if a CD-R has pertinent information on it, we try to keep it out of harm's way. However, we're not always lucky.... Read More »