Do you think I am a hypocrite?

Answer Hi! Haven't seen in V&V in a long time. You are NOT a hypocrite but you are in a kind of, sort of hypocritical situation! Way back in the day I did my stint in burger joints (they weren't called fa... Read More »

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Does this make me a hypocrite?

People on this forum obviously will say yes you are a hypocrite. But I am vegetarian and I don't think you are a hypocrite. I used to eat meat as 99% of all vegetarians did. I loved animals then... Read More »

Why do you think men think women who wear bikinis sexy but women don't think so about men who wear speedos?

Because men were made visual and women are not. Women are relational, so nice guys are attractive to us (and their looks, too, but it's not based primarily off of that)

Do you think most people think the child is to blame for being in foster care?

LT,In my experience that has not been the fact, it is quit the opposite. Usually people think "wow.....that poor kid, his/her parents must really be low life pieces of trash".....Whom ev... Read More »

I think that the Jerry Springer Show is a national disgrace. What do you think?

Absolutely, totally embarrassing. I can not believe how many people watch Jerry on a regular basis. What makes a person want to go on national TV and try to find out who really knocked them up?I'm ... Read More »