Do you think Hoegaarden is overrated, or do you think it is excellent beer?

Answer lol! can't stand the stuff! i remember when it was suddenly in fashion in the uk, and it cost twice the price of other beers on tap... it's one of those 'wheat' beers isn't it... nah, don't like...... Read More »

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Are good beers Underrated and bad beer Overrated?

I have found the opposite is true. The better beers have large national campaign that support Tex dudes sports but the cheaply made craft beer needs to push the best they can their wildly untested ... Read More »

Who according to u is the most OVERRATED CELEBRITY?

Is facebook overrated?

Yes. It's a very crudely designed site.As you say, it's good as a forum for separated family members or contacting old friends.But it's overused by people who feel the need to 'be popular' above an... Read More »

Most overrated band?

I've just learned about a band called Coldplay.I figured I would give them a listen, since they seem to be popular right now.I was underwhelmed. In fact, I was bored beyond toleration.I'd say they'... Read More »