Do you think Hoegaarden is overrated, or do you think it is excellent beer?

Answer lol! can't stand the stuff! i remember when it was suddenly in fashion in the uk, and it cost twice the price of other beers on tap... it's one of those 'wheat' beers isn't it... nah, don't like...... Read More »

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Do you think that is meat overrated?

I love meat, chicken, fish, pork and more. One of my favorite meats is a nice grilled ribeye steak with some grilled shrimp. Nothing overrated about it at all!

Do you think myspace is overrated or boring?

Some of both, but I have friends that think it is the coolest thing. Local bars here use it for advertising, too.

Star if you think the Jonas Brothers are overrated?

Albert Einstein couldn't even figure out their appeal. Have a star. :)Give my brother more stars lol.

Which movie star do you think is a bit overrated.?