Do you think HD Televisions are over rated?

Answer Finally, someone tells the truth. They're kinda cool, but not nearly worth all of the fuss.

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What is more efficient, CRT televisions or LCD televisions?

LCD (liquid crystal display) televisions that use LED (Light-emitting diode) rather than fluorescent (CCFL or cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights are more efficient than old CRT (cathode ray ... Read More »

What is better LCD or HD televisions?

Lcd televisions?

LCD tv's have a relatively slow refresh rate, and that is the ghosting you are seeing.That is why the CRT technology (old fashioned TV) is STILL the best picture quality. I have seen this, and know... Read More »

What are Hz on HD televisions?

Hz or Hertz is a measure of frequency. It is used as a measure of all frequencies and not just those in television.Televisions use several separate images every second to give the impression of a ... Read More »