Do you think HD Televisions are over rated?

Answer Finally, someone tells the truth. They're kinda cool, but not nearly worth all of the fuss.

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Who do you think is the most over-rated celebrity?

Jonathon 'Woss'...£18,000,000...he's not worth it...I object to paying the silly tosser out of my TV Licence

Is champagne over-rated?

You spell Champagne with a lower case 'c' and most of the people on this board arein the US where the name champagne can be used on any fizzy wine and is usually on the foulest cheapest gas inject... Read More »

Over rated baby products?

I know lots of women swear by them, but the baby carriers/slings you wear with the baby in them just wasn't really necessary for me. I've used it maybe 3 times total when cleaning up the house. I... Read More »

Who else thinks drinking is over rated ?

Well said, it worth a star for you. Let me add one thing: alcohol is a depressive. It is just an "illusion" that makes you feel happy, and that could be true for at least 2-4 hours. But after that?... Read More »