Do you think Google Streetmaps is good idea or Bad ?

Answer Well considering Google committed every offence under the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Right to Privacy under Article 8 of The Human Rights Act, European Convention 1998 you can expect a backla... Read More »

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How to Think of a Good Video Idea?

Do you love to make videos, but are stumped on ideas? Well, this article will definitely help you out!

Why do ppl think hybrid cars are a good idea?

They think it's a good idea because of mass brainwashing and sheep-like-behavior mentality.A Hybrid will cost $8000 more than non-hybrid. You'd have to own one for 10 years before you see any "sav... Read More »

Do you think contacts for a 13 year old is a good idea?

There is no minimum age for contacts. Children should be allowed to wear contacts when they have the maturity to take care of them. If your daughter wants contacts for sports, the best option are... Read More »

Do you think getting first aid is a good idea?

Education always is good. But at what cost and its quality content is also important.