Do you think Facebook is a waste of time?

Answer It is, but I do enjoy it sometimes, I talk to some people I normally wouldn't talk to otherwise, but a lot raise the point, what's the point of talking to them on facebook if you don't usually in r... Read More »

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Do you think facebook is a waste of time What should I do with my time now that I've deleted it?

I know exactly what you mean, i had a Facebook & a Myspace and deleted them last year, i'd had them both for 4 years!I loved getting picture comments and checking it every day. It took me a few mon... Read More »

Do you think facebook is just a waste of time?

It is 50% waste of time and it is 50% useful.Thanks.

Is Facebook waste of time?

It depends upon the person how he/she is using for a particular task. In my opinion if we use in positive way then it is very effective and helpful as we got current updates from all over the world... Read More »

Why do people waste so much of time on facebook?

Whats happening now on facebook is essential in our daily learning. People read feeling of others, give advices thru statuses, relate to it and even learn from it. There are also post or news from ... Read More »