Do you think Chinese carryouts cook rats cats and dogs?

Answer Have you ever noticed how many Chinese restaurants are located next to a vet or animal hospital and wondered...?

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Is the chinese fan palm poisonous to cats&dogs?

Chinese fan palm is a popular landscaping plant with leafy fronds and a thick trunk. This plant, including leaves and fruit, are non-toxic and completely safe for ingestion by cats and dogs.Referen... Read More »

How to Keep Pet Rats Safe from Dogs?

Pet rats are cute and cuddly, and so are cats and dogs. However, when the two of them meet things can get ugly. Here is how to keep a beloved pet rats safe from your cat or dog. (Or in my case, both!)

Diseases Dogs Can Catch From Rats?

There are six main diseases dogs can catch from rats. Most of these present serious health risks to dogs, and all are potentially fatal if passed on to humans. For these reasons dogs should be kept... Read More »

Cats in chinese food?

No, not cats but dogs. but they are a delicacy and too expensive.