Do you think Alcohol should be banned ?

Answer I hate alcohol with a passion, for personal reasons.. trust me, I cannot stand it. It does cause a lot of damage, and I've never seen the point , personally, of having to drink to have a good time.... Read More »

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Should alcohol be banned?

Absolutely not.Many people already mentioned prohibition...this, again, would only lead people to produce alcohol illegally where it's production & consumption cannot be monitored. Being produced l... Read More »

Do you think all you can eat restaurants should be banned?

Yes. Please. Government, assume my will for me.That idea might work unless there is one, just ONE person who's will won't be owned. I, am at least that one.Or maybe we should just chalk the buffet... Read More »

Do you think 'Chelsea Tractors' should be banned?

All this was discussed in the programme a lot of us saw two nights ago on TV, so we already know the answers. The larger the vehicle, the more damage it can cause in an accident. Not the biggest su... Read More »

Do you think cigarettes/smoking should be banned?

I sure as heck wish they would be Illegal - period!!!Name one good thing about them other than making some executives rich......You couldn't could you?And yet they cause untold suffering.And before... Read More »