Do you think 15% is to much to tip, if so what is right?

Answer 15% is satafactory service, you know nothing out of the odnary, your night was nice.20% if you got some extradnary service10% if there were a few problems nothing if your service was absoultly aful

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Is it better to do what you think is right or what you feel is right?

It's basically the same thing. 'Feel' and 'think', in a way, are synonyms. Just do what you FEEL is right. :D

What percent out of 100% do yo think wikipedia is right?

I think I am having a heart attack right now. What should I do?

Phone for an ambulance, I know yahoo answers is addictive but this is ridiculous!Unless you are in the USA dont dial 911, dial 999!

Am i right to be angry with my dentist What do you guys think?

A patient's relationship with their dentist is a special one - you need to be able to trust them. She might have a really odd sense of humour, but cracking 'jokes' like that is not appropriate seei... Read More »