Do you tell a child the truth about what could happen if they are kidnapped?

Answer All parents should take steps to insure that their children will be safe. For one thing, they should teach their children not to get in a car or go off with strangers-- and they should make sure a ... Read More »

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At what age do you tell your kids the truth about?

Well my answer is sure to be unpopular...I never believed in Santa because I just didn't and my parents never pushed the matter. I will tell my daughter from the beginning that Santa is made up be... Read More »

Is it wrong to tell the truth about animal cruelty?

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There has been an ongoing fight about one child causing diabetes to happen in another child. Yes or no?

No. Diabetes can definitely be genetic, but one kid can't give it to another. It is NOT contagious, that is totally ridiculous. And food is NOT the cause of diabetes, no matter how much sugar a ... Read More »

How many Bmoms wish they could find the child they gave up for adoption?

I think that if you don't want to live with your mom you should have a good reason, i mean you're 17 already, you are almost an adult you should already know whats good and bad for you. If you are ... Read More »