Do you take sleeping pills?

Answer yes! i have had a sleep disorder since childhood and i can't sleep without drugs(legal and/or illegal) or alcohol, sometimes, actually often both

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Can i take sleeping pills if im 15?

You should be able to, check the label on the bottle. It will say the age you should and shouldn't be to take them.

Are sleeping pills safe to take?

Try Valerian Root by Spring Valley. It is over the counter and natural. About $4 bucks at Walmart in the supplement section. Take one to see how it affects you in the morning after sleeping.If y... Read More »

Can you take sleeping pills while fasting?

No..cuz you drink water with the pill..nd ur fast will be excused by allah..

How many sleeping pills do you have to take to commit suicide?

5 - 10 to be unconcious, 11 or more to die, since it's a novel, make up the name of the sleeping pill, good luck with that