Do you take lots of vitamins as part of your good health plan?

Answer I do take a few specific vitamins. I eat lots of veggies and fruit from my garden in the summer which I plant organically, but I know that many foods are not grown in terrific soil and also some vi... Read More »

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Is raw honey good for lots of health problems?

On One Hand: Health Benefits of Raw HoneyRaw honey possesses many health benefits, some of which are lost when the honey is processed. It is a good source of natural vitamins such as B6 and ribofla... Read More »

Which part of egg is not considered good for health and why.?

All of it because of various reasons. 1. the male chick is killed either by being thrown into a trashbag or dumpster and suffocated too death or ground up for animal feed. 2. the hens who lay the e... Read More »

Is consumer health plan a good insurance?

On One Hand: Consumer-Driven Plans Give Consumers ControlConsumer health plans usually include a tax-advantaged account. This is an account that a consumer can establish tax-free, which saves the c... Read More »

Is it better to get a annual physical on your old health plan or wait to get the physical on your new job's health plan In case they find anything wrong?

Answer I think it's terrible that people even ask this kind of a question. Your health is YOUR concern and decisions shouldn't be left to insurance companies.In CA under AB 1672 employer groups b... Read More »