Do you take any Vitamins, Supplements etc ?

Answer no...none at all..i prefer the fresh air of the outdoors... i don't drink much and have never smoked... and I do think at the tender age of 38... I'm still quite fit and healthy.

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What types of supplements, vitamins, should I take to grow taller?

What Mike said was right, but you need to do the exercises to grow taller 4 smarts. It is a concoction of stretches and techniques to help you grow taller fast. Six inches in three months. Isn't th... Read More »

Other than standard daily vitamins, what would you consider the most important supplements to take?

It is true.It's only Americans who believe in supplements.A proper healthy diet means eating everything you need.A vegetarian diet, based on fresh fruit, with plenty of green-leaved vegetables, som... Read More »

Vitamins or supplements to retain tan?

While there is no consensus on whether or not vitamins are actually effective in the promotion of tanning, if you are going to continue your exposure to the sun and the tanning bed, a diet rich in ... Read More »

How to Choose Vitamins and Supplements to Prevent Flu?

This year, 5-20% of the US population will get the flu. Because of it, 200,000 will be hospitalized and 36,000 will die. While there are no guaranteed methods to prevent or avoid flu, some vitamins... Read More »