Do you take a gift to an engagement dinner?

Answer You aren't required to bring a gift to an engagement dinner. However, giving a present is becoming a trend in the new millennium. Stick with a smaller, more intimate present, like a bottle of good ... Read More »

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Should I Take a Hostess Gift to a Dinner Party?

When terminating a vendor, it's necessary to put the notice in writing, even if you notify the vendor in person or over the phone. A letter terminating the vendor creates documentation for your rec... Read More »

What to get for an Engagement gift?

You should know the bride and groom a lot better than us! I think it is easier if you all buy a pressent together - you can get something a bit more special then, without paying too much per person... Read More »

What to get as an engagement gift?

Your question is about what to get as a gift for an engagement, thus the answers should be about that, not a diatribe about how engagement parties are not gift giving occasions or everything should... Read More »

What to Buy as an Engagement Gift?

An engagement is a happy occasion. Two people have announced to the world that they intend to marry and spend their lives together. While wedding gifts are often easy to shop for, with couples' wid... Read More »