Do you switch your computer off completely or leave it?

Answer Mines on 24/7. I run it all the time because from years of working with electronics and computers, I know that heating and cooling can be a circuit boards worst enemy. Expansion and contraction of ... Read More »

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Should I leave my computer on or switch it off at night ?

No.There's arguments both ways on which is best - some that seemed to be pulled from some pretty crazy places.Owned & built alot of computers and nothing wrong with shutting down every night. Forge... Read More »

Is it better to leave a computer switched on all day or or is it better to switch it on and off when needed ?

My preference is to simply leave it on 24/7 just like people do in their offices at work. If your PC is like mine and takes about 5 to 8 mins to boot up each time, why bother shutting it down?

Is it okay to switch off the plugs in a power strip every night or just leave it on?

Given that your question doesn't state if you have electronics connected to the power strip, then the answer is a simple "YES" - you can safely turn off the strip nightly, daily, hourly, minutely, ... Read More »

How do i completely wipe a computer?

FORMAT C:\ WILL SAVE THE WORLD! ...and fulfill your wish of wiping your HDD too!If you have your original windows installation CD (assuming that you are running a windows system), restart your PC, ... Read More »