Do you sweat when you swim?

Answer Thats a mixed and complex question. you first have to look at why you sweat.The body uses some or all of these four processes: radiation,conduction,convection and evaporation to offset and restore ... Read More »

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I sweat a lot..and it's kinda embarrising you have any tips how to reduce sweat?

i had the same problem but heres what you can do. First go to your doctor and ask about Drysol. Its this prescription oil for your armpits that stops the sweating. You apply it once every 4-5 days ... Read More »

Do house plants sweat, if yes what makes them sweat?

MASTER GARDENER TO THE RESCUE! sweating plants?? why not? mine work up a sweat every time i make them weed their garden. just kidding. garden sweat on answering this question. no, ... Read More »

Water or gatorade which is better when exercising or whatever you do when you sweat?

WATERWATERWATERunless you are doing a marathon and then there are still better choices than gatorade

Why do you sweat when you have fever?

The body tries to maintain the core temperature by losing some heat in the form of sweat.