What is Pepsi's value proposition?

Answer avoid the overlapping value propositionNo brand is immune to competition. Even market leaders have their nemesis, and direct competitors keep a company from having the entire pie for itself. In man... Read More »

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Definition of a Business Value Proposition?

A value proposition is a statement that defines the results your customers will get when they do business with you. When you create a very specific value proposition, it makes customers more intere... Read More »

Proposition 215 of California State Law?

Proposition 215, called the California Compassionate Use Act, was passed by voters on Nov., 1996. It is now a part of the California Health and Safety Code at Section 11362.5. The law permits peopl... Read More »

Speech Topics on a Proposition of Policy?

A proposition of policy speech allows a speech-maker to present a viewpoint in support of or opposition to a policy question. The presentation answers a policy question in a manner designed to leav... Read More »

California Proposition 51: The Deep-Pockets Law?

California's Proposition 51, the California Fair Reponsibility Act of 1986 (also known as the "Deep Pocket Initiative") was intended to reduce the amount of non-economic damage awards being paid by... Read More »