Do you suffer from a hangover?

Answer I drink a few bottles of water after I'm done drinking and I also take some aspirin before bed and that usually stops the hangovers the next day. Sometimes, I may be tired but having a hangover fr... Read More »

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Hangover who knows a good hangover cure?

Do Men Suffer From PMS?

Yes, men suffer horribly from PMS, if they are married.Good luck, I know my husband has the patience of Job during my happy time. =] Oh and if you think periods are bad wait until your wife hits ... Read More »

Migraines, do you suffer?

Try 4head. It's a rub on cream in a stick - costs about £5.95. Doesn't clear head completely but does give some relief and is not taken internally - bonus.

How many of you suffer from migraines?

I've had migraines since Junior High...they started as cluster headaches and then as I got older turned into full blown migraines!I used to have one to three really bad migraines a month.I am now 4... Read More »