Do you stop growing after 15 Height, weight?

Answer You get most of your genes from grandparents, so look at them. You also dont stop growing until 18-19, then start leveling out until you are about 21 (this varies alot). Being the same height for 4... Read More »

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When does a teenage girl stop growing in height?

Scientifically, the average age is 14 and a half. Although, I don't know anyone who stopped growing at that age though!I am a 33-year-old. I haven't grown an inch since the 8th grade. I'm 5 ' 2." M... Read More »

How to Compare and Contrast Weight and Height Percentiles for Babies After Birth?

You want to be sure that your little bundle is growing at the right rate in a healthy way. In the early years, doctors use height and weight charts to track your baby's growth. These reflect the wi... Read More »

Why do you always gain weight after you stop smoking?

You improve your health when you decide to stop smoking, reducing risks of heart and lung disease, circulation problems and cancer. However, weight gain after you stop smoking makes you apprehensiv... Read More »

How do you stop your husband to talk about weight in front of your 12 year old daughter when her doctor says she is ok for her height in 50percentile range?

One Suggestion Make an appointment for your husband to discuss the issue with the doctor, or ask the doctor to write a letter explaining the situation and the dangers of your husband continuing to ... Read More »