Do you still use traditional (paper) encyclopedias and dictionaries?

Answer I was brought up on traditional media such as encyclopedias, journals, dictionaries, etc. However, the convenience of the online world far outweighs having to buy a new set of encyclopedias every f... Read More »

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Kinds of Dictionaries?

A dictionary is a reference book arranged alphabetically that contains words and their definitions, pronunciations and uses. Various types of dictionaries exist for each language and specialized pu... Read More »

Instructions on Student-Created Booklets and Dictionaries?

Having students create booklets or dictionaries to accompany school projects can both enhance their education and bring enjoyment to otherwise mundane tasks. For instance, when learning about agric... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Old Encyclopedias?

If you've read your old encyclopedias from cover to cover or only purchased them so your children would have them to do research while they were growing up, it's possible that the books have become... Read More »

The Difference Between BC & BCE in Encyclopedias?

When designating a specific year in an encyclopedia entry, editors must choose between B.C. and BCE. These two abbreviations have been competing for dominance for many years, with one camp favoring... Read More »