Do you still need life insurance for estate purposes?

Answer On One Hand: Life Insurance Is An Estate Planning ToolLife insurance is not "needed" for estate purposes. That is you will have an estate that contains your assets even if you don't have life insur... Read More »

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Can a spouse who files as head of household still be a dependent for insurance purposes?

Filing as head of household for tax purposes and being a dependent on your spouse's insurance policy are unrelated. In fact, according to the IRS, to qualify as head of household, you must be unmar... Read More »

Life Insurance & Estate Planning?

Life insurance is a key part of the estate planning process. When a person dies, probate fees to determine the legal validity of a will can become expensive. Life insurance can help to offset these... Read More »

Is life insurance money included in an estate in Michigan?

The federal government applies an estate tax regardless of state. Life insurance is an asset that is subject to estate tax computations unless protected using complex estate planning. States may h... Read More »

Are Life Insurance Proceeds Taxable in New York State Estate Tax?

In 2004, New York established the state exemption for estates at $1 million. This amount is much lower than the federal exemption for estates. However, the state of New York still requires the esta... Read More »