Do you still leave a tip if the waiter/waitress is really crappy?

Answer I leave one penny on top of the receipt. Just so she knows it wasn't an accident that we forgot to tip her.I waited tables for years. I know how long things take to cook and I know what it takes to... Read More »

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I've been in a really crappy mood lately. Do you think it could be PMS, MDD, BPD, SAD, ODD, TOM, or maybe IDK?

It could be lack of DED. Perhaps you need a custom fitting. I am sending you an e-coupon for a free Double Ended Dildo Professional Fitting at our satellite orifice UJD Customer Service Center, Hou... Read More »

Why should we pay more tv licence when the bbc just wastes it on crappy repeats and more crappy digital tv sta?

People seem happy to pay for Sky with all of their imported rubbish and endless repeats, so why not!

Did AT&T really buy T-Mobile I keep seeing T-Mobile commercials bashing AT&Ts crappy service?

Yes, ATT "made a deal to Tmobile" and Tmobile accepted.... now, the deals goes to Congress to make sure Anti-Trust laws arent violated. Which, they will be since there are 1000+ submarkets of t-mob... Read More »

I still breast feed my 36 month old son and my family is being really hard on me, because he still nurses 5?

Hi, I think you are a great mama. But first I must address an issue from another poster. Miranda you are an idiot. That is the very reason people find bfing objectionable because sick people lik... Read More »