Do you still have your bottom virginity?

Answer do you get away with asking such things?Do you still have yours?lolIm refusing to answer since id be buggered either way and get harassed more by my haters.

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Is it normal to be a week late and still counting after losing your virginity?

%DETAILS% Answer Yes, you may be pregnant. you can have a small amount of blood during the implantation period when you get pregnant. And no it is not normal to be late just cause you lost your vir... Read More »

Can losing your virginity and starting to have sex regularly cause hormonal changes that affect your periods?

Answer Yes, it can affect your periods, when your hormonal level rises it can cause your periods to change in days, or in weeks.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you start your period late and the bottom of your stomach is still cramping when you stop your period?

Answer YES! I had a friend that was pregnant and didn't know the whole time. HERE'S THE STORY We were watching t.v. and my friend started cramping so she went and took a nap. Two hours later she c... Read More »

What should you do if the top of the sand filter and the fingers at the bottom have both been replaced but there is still sand in the pool and you have already tried backwashing?

Answer Many people mistake "mustard algae" as sand in their pool. Does the sand briefly disappear when you run a pool brush over it? Mustard algae resettles quickly and looks very much like filte... Read More »