Do you still have a typewriter?

Answer Yes I have hung onto mine for just the same reason as you. I use it occasionally just to keep it moving but find it is hard work after using the computer.

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I had my period two weeks ago However since then I have been getting sick every night and my breasts are still swollen I have taken dollar store pregnancy tests show up neg could I still be pregnant?

Answer If I where you I would go buy a real preg. test from the drug store or wal mart. For example ept or first response.

Can you still be pregnant even if you got a regular period but still have some pregnancy symptoms?

Answer It is possible to still be pregnant if your last period was unusual. Do a test.

If a car is stolen and it is still being paid for and the borrower does not have insurance on it but the bank has liability does the borrower still have to pay off the loan?

Just as with any other cost of doing business, When the expense is incurred in the course of production or service then those costs should be included in expenses.

Why can I have a bus pass that allows me free transport, but I have to buy a railcard , still have to pay?

There is no logic to it. The fact that subsidies are being withdraw from the railways is not an answer for the bus system is privatised and relies on subsidies (but from local, rather than national... Read More »