Do you still feel the baby move while in labor?

Answer Answer You may do, some babies seem to almost 'kick their way out', usually the ones who have been extremely active anyway, others go quite still.

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Does your baby move a lot before you gonna go into labor?

The baby normally slows down his/her movement before labor but everyone's labor is different. So, this is not a must!

How soon can you feel a baby move?

4-7 months is usually when the baby's body is developing

This is your third pregnancy when should you feel your baby move?

Why are you asking? This is your third? It doesn't matter whether it's first or fifth. You generally feel it when you are four or five months pregnant.

Can you feel the baby move at 14 weeks pregnant?

A baby will start moving in the uterus at approximately 7 weeks pregnant. While some women are able to feel movement at 14 weeks of pregnancy, the majority of women won't feel baby kicks until week... Read More »