Do you sometimes stick your nose into where it's not wanted?

Answer *coughs coughs coughs coughs coughs* Oooo! I say.....*gags chokes* Nasty business bbbbrrrrrr!

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Why does it burn your nose sometimes when you burp?

Hi,I bet it happens most often after you drink soda or something cold. The nose, throat, mouth, sinuses are all mucus membranes, which are very sensitive. They are all connected, especially the mou... Read More »

How far do doctors stick the flu mist in your nose?

The intranasal flu mist vaccines come in a special spray apparatus that is used to administer the mist into the nose. It goes into the nose about an inch (or less in small children), since the mi... Read More »

What factored into your decision as far as how many children you wanted?

I knew I wanted 8 children from the time I was 13 years old. At the time, The Waltons (I am dating myself!) was on and I just loved that show. They had 7, I don't like odd numbers; 6 was less, so 8... Read More »

Nose piercing jewelry sinking into nose Should I have it removed?

Take it from a piercer, remove it, or get a stud with a larger head and longer post. Your body is not rejecting it, the hole is getting bigger and the stud is sinking into the hole. The puss is fro... Read More »