Do you sometimes drink alone?

Answer often, i prefer it that way.Unless somebody who is smart and also drinking beer and is relaxed and friendly is around. Then I would prefer the company, otherwise alone is better.

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Is it bad do drink alone?

I don't think that's alcoholism, but I think I'm in the minority. It seems most people say that any drinking alone is alcoholic drinking, but what if you live alone? Does that mean you can never ... Read More »

Is it okay to drink alone to test tolerance?

Kids these days... so paranoid.It is very possible to get out of control in a party atmosphere and overdrink and even black out. However, most of the time I've seen people do that they don't have a... Read More »

Anyone fancy a pint or am i going to drink alone?

I will come with you.Can I have two halves rather than a pint ? .....I'm only a little sh!t and if I drink from a pint pot it makes me feel like I'm going swimming. If your'e not happy with buying ... Read More »

My husband coughs sometimes and you know how sometimes you cough so much that you throw up?

Dont ask the doctors here, most of them are probably pretend doctors. If it sounds bad and does not look right, ALWAYS rush him to a doctor.You can never know how bad it is until you get it properl... Read More »