Do you sometimes SLEEP in the afternoons and feel quilty for being lazy?

Answer I used to sleep in the afternoon and feel guilty until I read an article by a doctor that said, a Power Hour, in the afternoon is very good for you. So have your sleep enjoy it and you will feel mu... Read More »

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On your days off do you ever feel like just being lazy?

Definitely. Lately I haven't had a lazy-sit-around-in-my-undies-and-watch-m… day off. Need to have one of those soon. :)

Weak, Lazy, need to sleep, don't eat well, headaches, blurry eyes?

You can heal yourself by just getting more sleep. Your body needs time where it can recover from a full day of walking around and being active. Also, you can combat the weak and lazy thing by exerc... Read More »

Does taking Doxylamine make you feel lazy/hungover the next day?

It can.

I can't sleep i feel sick.?

okay so #1 drink green tea it works very well no milk or sugar or any sweetners, #2 go to your local drugstore And maybe try melatonin