Do you soak a broken jammed toe in hot or cold water?

Answer On One Hand: Cold recommendedMost sources, including Banner Health and Medicine Net, recommend using cold packs and soaks after a toe has been dislocated or jammed. They also recommend elevating th... Read More »

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Broken Hot/Cold water pipe need help?

As a temporary fix, Buy a comperssion stop end, and fit it to the end of the damaged pipe. A compression fitting, is one you fit and then tighten it on with a couple of spanners. then turn the wat... Read More »

Is my finger jammed or broken?

How to know if finger is broken or just jammed?

no its not... if it's broken then ur burning a fever, swelling & can't move it at sounds like it's just sprained or ''jammed'' as u like to say it! :)

Jammed or Bruised or Broken Finger/?

Well if it is your thumb then it's best if you just continue icing it.😊But if is another finger then you can go to any pharmacy store like CVS and buy what if called a finger buddy keep that on ... Read More »