Do you smoke or take drugs?

Answer I will risk anything, but not my health.

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Is it bad to smoke, to drink, to take drugs y is it so?

i think its but u have the choice but i have 2 till u it dameged ur helth and ur monyyyyy

Did Macklemore take drugs?

Yeah, he did take drugs. A couple years ago, he wanted to be a better rapper like Lil Wayne, so he took cough syrup because he always saw Lil wayne doing that and he thought he'd be more creative i... Read More »

Is it OK to take expired prescription drugs?

Prescription drug expiration dates indicate the guarantee from the manufacturer that the medication will retain its potency and safety. An FDA study referenced on Johns Hopkins Health Alerts found ... Read More »

Why do people still take illegal drugs?

Let me clue you in about a myth that is very widely accepted. MANY DRUGS DO NOT FORM CHEMICAL/BODILY ADDICTIONS. Included are > Marijuana, Mushrooms, LSD, Cocaine(not joking), Cocaine gets you add... Read More »