Do you sleep with one, two or more pillows?

Answer One. Anymore and it kills my neck.

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Do you sleep with one or two pillows under your head?

2 but ends up as 1 cos i either chuck in on the floor or my boyf nicks it

Is it bad for you to sleep on your back without any pillows?

The answer is no. If you do just sleep on your back there is no reason no to use a pillow ( medium to firm pillow) It sleeping on your side or stomach that causes pillow marks. You need to be su... Read More »

How to Make Herbal Sleep Pillows?

Can't sleep? Mind buzzing with a migraine? You need a classic and very simple remedy. An herbal sleep pillow is what you need.

Do feather pillows have more dust mites than foam pillows?

According to the Sierra Club, feather pillows do contain more dust mites than foam ones. In fact, feather pillows, also known as down pillows, harbor more dust mites than any other pillow type. Not... Read More »