Do you shower more than twice a day If so, WHY?

Answer No. Unless I were to take on a really dirty job, that much showering seems unnecessary.If you're worried about wasting water, lower-volume showerheads are a nice alternative. I have one, and I bare... Read More »

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Is masturbation bad or having sex more than twice a day is harm full for health ?

Extreme is always prohibited. It is most advisable that you may kindly restrain in these kind of activities and try to meditate in the morning to control your mind as well as your wishes which are... Read More »

What are people who shave more than twice a week trying to prove?

They are obviously trying to prove that some idiot will question something as insignificant as a person shaving. As long as you are not required to shave someone else what difference does it make?

Will watering a plant twice a day make it grow more than watering it once a day?

Answer It depends on the plant - some plants it would make no difference, some would appreciate the extra water, and some might even have trouble with it!

Which movies have you watched more than twice, and which do you never tire of watching again :)?

Gattaca, the Alien movies, the Predator movies, the Matrix movies, the Spiderman movies, The Usual Suspects, Heat, and many more movies.