Do you shop at walmart?

Answer I refuse to go to Walmart on moral principle. They very intentionally put small businesses under.If they move next to a mom&pops hardware store, they will lower the prices on thier tools to where ... Read More »

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How to Shop at Walmart?

Found in India, Japan, United States, and the United Kingdom, Walmart is a mixture between a discount department and "mini" warehouse store.

If I have all my teeth, can I still shop at Walmart?

Yes you can. Unfortunately you'll have to travel to the Beverly hills Wallmart. Alternatively, you can go to Scottsdale, Redmond, or other upscale location.If this is not possible, just keep your... Read More »

How to Shop at Walmart for Teen Girl Fashions?

You can mix and match and get the perfect style that suits you.An ordinary teen girl doesn’t have hundreds of dollars for those expensive designer clothing and accessory items. If you shop on a W... Read More »

Can you buy a Visa gift card at Walmart with a Walmart giftcard?

You can purchase a Visa gift card with a Walmart gift card. Using a Walmart gift card is just like using cash. You can use the gift card to purchase anything sold in a Walmart store. Visa gift card... Read More »