Do you shop around for insurance i hope you do,, yes ,or do you stick with one company?

Answer We always shop around for car, building and contents insurance.For years we stayed with the same company until we realised we were being grossly over charged. We have just renewed the car insurance... Read More »

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Is the driver at fault insurance company responsible to fix your car at a body shop of your choice using only OEM parts?

Answer You will have to check your state law on this. If it is a no-fault state. Then your insurance will repair your vehicle and then bill the other driver's company. I am not sure of the proced... Read More »

What does it take to start a dram shop insurance company what are the minimum requirements. do you have to be state approved?

You can get it anywhere you want. Just use your phone book, check on line or ask your current insurance agent.

Is it ok to change auto insurance after twenty years with the same company as another good insurance company can give a better discount because they already have your homeowners policy?

Answer This is perfectly okay. Things to check on is make sure your deductable hasn't risen significantly, as well as your coverage terms. You know, fine print things.

If your insurance company gives you the option of being paid directly by them or by the other drivers insurance company which is a better choice?

Answer Depends on who's going to give you more money and other factors such as will your rates go up if your company pays you, etc.