Do you send thank cards for a telephone interview?

Answer On One Hand: Thank-you notes are proper etiquetteEven when today's fast-paced business environment forces job candidates to interview by telephone, these opportunities should be treated with the re... Read More »

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Is it better to send a thank you email or handwritten thank you note after a job interview?

On One Hand: A Handwritten Note Is More Personal.Send a handwritten thank you note if the job interview and your relationship with the interviewer demands a more personal touch. This rule might app... Read More »

Do you send a thank you for a phone interview?

On One Hand: Show InterestWrite a short thank-you note immediately after a phone interview to show interest in the position. Candidates who do not write thank-you notes are perceived as unintereste... Read More »

Do you send thank-you cards for sympathy cards received?

On One Hand: It's Not Always Necessary to Send a Thank-You CardIf the only communication or gesture you received from someone is a sympathy card, it is not necessary to respond with a thank-you car... Read More »

Is it acceptable to send a thank you email for a job interview?

On One Hand: Thank-You Notes Are Highly RecommendedMost business analysts agree that thank-you notes from applicants are welcome, even expected. It allows you to express your sincere interest in a ... Read More »