How come your samsung galaxy y will never finish downloading pictures you receive through text or send pictures through text?

Answer I don't know if it is supported anymore but if it is, connect you device to computer, open iTunes, and check for a new update

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How do I send pictures from my Macbook pro?

As long as you have your email client setup, or an online email account, then you can attach the images to your email when you send. And this of course would mean that you have access to the Inter... Read More »

How do you send pictures from a iPhone 3GS?

A 3G mobile is so good, because it means you can get goood signal from just about anywhere that has the slightest bit of signal,personally 3G mobiles are the only ones that are worth the money and ... Read More »

How do you send pictures from iPhone 4S?

You could email pictures that you took via the Mail app.The camera symbol I assume is from the Messages app. Are you sure its greyed out? It actually has no colour on it. If it is truely greyed out... Read More »

Can parents see what pictures you send?

Unless you have a huge parental secret type of service, then nope your good.