Do you say 'the yolk of an egg is white' or 'the yolk of an egg are white'?

Answer 'The yolk of an egg is yellow' is the correct phrase. Or the yolks of eggs are yellow.

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Which has more cholesterol, an egg white or egg yolk?

Egg whites contain no cholesterol. The yolk accounts for the egg's entire cholesterol content--about 213 mg per large egg, according to Mayo Clinic cardiologist Dr. Thomas Behrenbeck. The American ... Read More »

Egg yolk or egg white for face mask?

Egg yolk is great if your skin is dry. Egg whites are great if your skin is oily. Either way - your skin isn't going to get better if you just put egg on your face.If you want to heal your skin, ch... Read More »

What is the yolk sac?

a sac on the newborn snapping turtle to give them nutrients they need

How to Get Egg Yolk Off Car Paint?

No one wants to come out and find that their car has been egged. Egg can easily damage paint if left to dry, and egg shells can scratch the paint's clear coat upon impact. But with a few simple hou... Read More »