Do you say soda, coke, pop, or something else?

Answer Coke is the generic term for the fizzy stuff here!* You are 100% Texan if you have ever heard this conversation: "You wanna coke?" "Yeah." "What kind?" "Dr Pepper!"

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Coke, Pepsi, Dr Pepper or something else?

Do you call it "pop", "soda", or something else?

I'm in Chicago, and we in the MidWest call it "pop".Soda sounds gay....Hi, do you have any soda? Can I get a Crush soda?Can I get a pop? Can I get a fruit punch pop? It really sounds bad when thu... Read More »

What do you call it soda, pop, soft drink, or something else include what state you live in (or country)?

I used to call it "sweet drink" (Guyana, South America)Then I called it "soda" (NJ, USA)Now I call it "pop" (Ontario, Canada)

Besides the usual Pepsi & Coke Which other kind of Soda do you like Which is also your least favorite Soda?

My favorite soda is Diet Dr. Pepper. I also like regular Dr. Pepper when I can't find diet. In my opinion, they taste the same, but I usually go with the diet because it has 0 calories. My least fa... Read More »