Do you rise your pizza dough overnight or not?

Answer Do you want a flattish crispy pizza or a deep crust pizza?You should prove your dough until it doubles in size (good rule of thumb) then roll and shape it - throwing it around with abandon if you s... Read More »

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How to Fix Dough That Won't Rise?

Noone likes to wake up in the morning to find this happened...The common nightmare for many home bakers is to go to a lot of effort and use ingredients to make a nice shaped loaf, but when it comes... Read More »

Why does bread dough rise twice?

Making bread starts with the dough. First, proofing (rising) the dough, then 'knocking' the dough back down and then allowing it to rise again. Making bread can take about 5-hour but the results ar... Read More »

How to Quickly Rise Dough?

Nothing beats the taste or aroma of freshly baked, homemade bread. Although the bread making process is fairly simple, it is time consuming because of the waiting time needed for the bread to rise.... Read More »

Why does bread dough rise?

Bread is a simple but complex staple in most households. Simple, because few ingredients are required and the chemistry behind making bread is fairly basic. Complex because variations to the ingred... Read More »