Do you remember your first go on a computer?

Answer I remember the ZX81. Yes typing those programs in from a magazine. I had a Commodor 64 and spent ages typing in a game for Scramble from a magazine and it took ages to do. When I finished and typed... Read More »

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Do you remember your first car?

Fiat 126 in canary yellow. I got it up to 90 on the M1.

What year did you buy your first VCR Do you even remember?

-My first VHS/VCR was an RCA. It was HUGE and was able to support my TV at the time (which was 19"). -The cost of the VCR was $1,249.95-I bought it at a store called SaveMart (they've since gone ... Read More »

Do you remember your first alchoholic drink, and what was it!?

I was 20 and it was with a guy who was 34. We had Schmitt Sohne Riesling in the blue bottle. I fell in love with wine for that moment on and now at 29, I still very much enjoy it.

Can you remember your first ever encounter with the internet?

My first encounter with the internet was back in 1988 when it was still called the Arpanet. I went to Iowa State University and my brother went to the University of Iowa. They had an interesting ... Read More »