Do you remember the drink tang?

Answer Now that's one I forgot about!! Yes I do remember Tang. I used to get in trouble cause I'd use more than you were supposed to! lol =o~}

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Who invented Tang drink mix?

The invention of Tang is generally credited to William A. Mitchell. Mitchell was a food chemist that worked a General Foods where Tang was first created. He is also given credit in for the creation... Read More »

Who makes Tang orange drink?

Introduced in 1959 as a breakfast beverage, Tang--a powdered, orange-flavored drink--became famous when NASA used it as a space drink during the 1965 Gemini flight. Kraft produces Tang, selling it ... Read More »

Information on tang strawberry drink made in fiji?

SpecificationsCarbonated drinks series. Come in 6 flavours- Cola; Orange; Strawberry; Grape; Sarsi; Spec Lemon-limeNew addition: Soda WaterThis is Ice Cool Carbonated Soft Drink series. We have 6 d... Read More »

Do you remember your first alchoholic drink, and what was it!?

I was 20 and it was with a guy who was 34. We had Schmitt Sohne Riesling in the blue bottle. I fell in love with wine for that moment on and now at 29, I still very much enjoy it.